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What The Fish Hindi Movie

‘What The Fish’ is Directed by Gurmmeet Singh, and is a comical drama film starring Dimple Kapadia as Maasiji in lead role. The comedy film is Produced by Kumud Shahi Malik and K R Harish, it’s being made under the banner of Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Tipping Point Films.
The film also stars Vishal Sharma as Rajpal, Sumit Suri as Sumit, Anand Tiwari as Neerav, Deepti Pujari as Gopa, Manu Rishi as Ravi, Geetika Tyagi as Meenal, Manjot singh as Pummy, Mithun Rodwittiya as Hooda, and others in their respective roles.

Genre : Drama
Language : Hindi
Release Date : December, 13, 2013
Directed By : Gurmmeet Singh
Music By : Indraneel Hariharan, Dhruv Dhalla, Sandeep Chatterjee, Amartya Rahut
Produce By : Kumud Shahi Malik, K R Harish

What The Fish Storyline:

Sudha Mishra aka Maasiji (Dimple Kapadia) is a 67 years old, divorced and moaning woman with massive energy and the capability to live in the modern world. She has just come back to her home in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. She is a mother to a confused and angry young man who has given up a career in television direction. In addition, her divorced husband is a playboy in Los Angeles.
While she was away, Sumit (Sumit Suri), her niece’s fiance was given the responsibility to take care of the house and was clearly instructed to feed the fish & water the plants. His marriage was hinging on this, and

Sumit’s very acceptance into the family was dependent on this instruction.
At the end of the holiday when Sudha arrives at her old-fashioned house and starts it’s inspection with detective accuracy. Had the fish been fed? Had her plants been watered? She reaches the alcove with her much-loved crystal fish bowl and collection of money plants. Well everything seems to be in order, but is it? As she opens her bedroom door, she is taken aback by a woman wearing white, wailing loudly and rushing past her.

To figure out how this ‘chudail’ landed up in her bedroom, a recap of the madcap events occur, beginning 30 days ago. Sumit had thrown the helluva party for all of his friends at Sudha’s house. He broke all the rules as instructed by her and also handed over the house to an eloping couple, who then handed it over to a troublemaker property broker. The house is then taken over by a Haryanvi Jaat who is a cross dressing Kathak Dancer, followed by a tribal family from Mizoram.
What leaked out in those thirty days, does Sudha Mishra ever find out and what is the mystery of the Chudail?

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What comes after next is a recap of the events that took place from the very start when Sudha left her house in Sumit’s hands. The mystery unravels almost as a game of Chinese Whisper.
‘What The Fish’ is slated to release in theatres on December 13, 2013.

Cast and Crew:
Dimple Kapadia…as Sudha Mishra

Manjot Singh…as pummy

Anand Tiwari…as Neerav

Manu Rishi…as Ravi

Sumit Suri…as Sumit

Vishal Sharma…as Rajpal

Geetika Tyagi…as Meenal

Deepti Pujari…as Gopa

Mithun Rodwittiya…as Hooda

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